26. MAY 2023

Österreich ist nicht ganz dicht!

“Österreich ist nicht ganz dicht!” – This is the name of the new information campaign of the Climate Protection Ministry with a wink. Because what is meant here are the walls, floors, roofs and windows in our country, which are often not completely tight or poorly insulated. These “leaks” cause high energy costs and CO₂ emissions and prevent a comfortable living climate.

With the video as the centerpiece of the campaign, the website www.sanierungsbonus.at promotes a climate-neutral Austria by 2040. Therefore, with immediate effect, the renovation bonus offers up to 14,000 euros in subsidies for the thermal renovation of private houses!

We welcome and support this, of course, because saving energy starts with the building envelope and our energy-saving insulation products are the perfect solution for making houses fit for the future!