31. MAY 2022

EPSolutely - Circular economy concept for EPS

In the “EPSolutely” research project, we are developing – under the leadership of Fraunhofer Austria – concepts for a functioning EPS circular economy together with eleven partners from all areas of the value creation system (deconstruction, collection, sorting, cleaning and processing), the findings of which will serve as a benchmark throughout Europe. The project name is due to a play on words. On the one hand, EPS is in the name, on the other hand, the English term for solution, namely “solution”. The English adverb “absolutely” is also in the project name. This is intended to address the absolute or complete EPS circular economy.

The aim of the research project is to increase the recycling rate of EPS waste (building materials and packaging) and thus drastically reduce the primary raw material requirements of the new EPS products In addition, the acceptance and sustainability of EPS is to be increased and private end users are to be shown their design potential for environmental protection. This is because EPS is ideally suited to a recycling economy when processed in a single-variety process. The potential for CO2 reduction compared to the primary raw material is a remarkable 80%.

The concepts, technologies and methods as well as the findings from the demonstrations will be transferred to other countries and industries in a final analysis. Initial workshops have already been held with industry experts from other EU countries. By 2025, the recycling rates are to be increased to up to 80 % with the help of the solutions developed and thus recycled in the sense of a circular economy.