The meaning and tradition of mistletoe

For a long time people have hung mistletoe at Christmas time.
Couples kissing under it are said to experience happiness and eternal love.

But what is this tradition all about?

Hanging mistletoe and the tradition behind it

Especially at Christmas time, hanging mistletoe is a tradition in many families. They usually hang from the door frame or the ceiling,
so there is enough space for couples underneath. Happiness, health and fertility are things that have long been attributed to mistletoe.
It was also hung on doors to protect the inhabitants inside the house from all evil.

Kissing under the mistletoe

In many countries, kissing under the mistletoe has become a tradition.
It became popular due to novels, in which characters were only allowed to kiss under the mistletoe. Since kissing was not socially tolerated at that time,
this was a way to kiss the partner even in public. Couples who kiss under the mistletoe are said to experience happiness and eternal love through the branch.

Have you already hung up your mistletoe?